How should CAFCASS Cymru measure performance? Applying models of organisational effectiveness to the public sector - Matthew Pinnell

'In recent years, government has attempted to drive up performance standards in the public sector through the importation of private sector management approaches, the introduction of performance measurement and an increased focus on achieving results. Despite these developments, questions remain as to how judgements of organisational effectiveness are made, by whom and against what criteria. With this in mind, five conceptual models of organisational effectiveness are considered – the goal, systems-resource, internal process, competing values and multiple-constituency models – in the context of a public sector children’s organisation, CAFCASS CYMRU. After consideration, it is decided to “test-out” Boyne’s (2003) proposal of combining the goal and multiple-constituency models in order to better define and determine organisational effectiveness.'  
 Posted by Good Practice Wales
 23/04/2014   Categories: Academi Wales
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