Star Chamber - Merthyr Valleys Homes

Empowering and involving communities - Welsh Housing Awards 2013

A panel, consisting of tenants, board members and staff from across the organisation, collectively set Merthyr Valleys Homes’ budget for 2013/14, delivered big savings and shifted resources to tenant priorities. Savings of over £200,000 were required to fund the tenants’ priority of a larger house painting programme. This target figure was projected onto a screen whilst budget holders presented their proposals. The panel suggested changes - additions and reductions - and the target moved accordingly. There was some excitement when the target was met! This has resulted in an additional 150 houses being painted. The process brought tenants to the heart of the challenge of how to prioritise services and resources. One of the tenants involved, Tracey Powell, described the process as ‘amazing and very interesting.’
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 01/12/2013   Categories: Community Housing Cymru Homes
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