Barcud Shared Services - Lead organisation: Valleys to Coast Housing Partner organisations: Merthyr Valleys Homes, Bron Afon Community Housing, NPT Homes

Delivering Efficiency And Value For Money - Welsh Housing Awards 2013

Barcud Shared Services is a new way of working for social housing auditors in Wales. Bron Afon Community Housing, Merthyr Valleys Homes, NPT Homes and Valleys to Coast Housing share a Head of Internal Audit and Internal Audit Officer that work closely with each organisation, enabling them to learn from each other and share good practice. In addition of course, there are cost savings. The Barcud team are employed by Valleys to Coast with the costs split between the partners. They report to a consortium committee to ensure their scrutinising role is not compromised. Robust quality controls in line with international standards are in place to ensure a lean, cost-effective service that remains impartial and independent. The service is named Barcud and comes from the Welsh phrase ‘Cadw Llygad Barcud’, which literally means ‘to keep a Kite’s eye’. The English equivalent would be to watch something like a hawk.
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 01/12/2013   Categories: Community Housing Cymru Homes
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