Signage at Penhesgyn Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Isle of Anglesey CC Communications Grant Case Study

Isle of Anglesey County Council recently re-developed one of its HWRCs at Penhesgyn by constructing a brand new HWRC adjacent to the current one, which is due to open on the 1st of July 2013. The main reasons for the re-development were to improve traffic management so that the site was easier to use, improve the recycling experience for the public and also be able to recycle and sort a wider range of materials. It was identified through our Promotional Officers who regularly speak to members of the public who visit our HWRCs that the signage within the current site wasn’t very clear on the approach, and that the sites currently look too industrial.

The aim that we were seeking to achieve with this communications grant was to purchase new signage and banners for the new re-developed HWRC to improve the experience for householders visiting the site, for the signage to clearly indicate where different recycling materials were to be placed, welcoming people to the site and thanking them for recycling on their way out, and the banners to promote top tips with recycling. As part of the re-development we wanted to give householders a new and exciting experience when they visit the site and brighten the site up to make it a more ‘user friendly’ and pleasant experience.

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 04/08/2014   Categories: Environment and sustainability Waste Awareness Wales
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