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 Posted by Good Practice Wales 18/08/2014 Categories: Environment and sustainability Waste Awareness Wales

Wrexham County Borough Council - Communications Grant Case Study

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The project aimed to undertake a comprehensive revamp and re-launch of a selection of prime bring sites across Wrexham. Wrexham has a total of 33 sites and the idea was to reduce this to 10 that are at key locations in relation to the main Household Waste Recycling Centres.  A systems thinking approach to the project was embarked upon.

Community consultation and door knocking identified that public perception and usage of Wrexham’s Bring Sites could be greatly improved. They were viewed as looking tired and did not reflect other recent improvements to encourage recycling in Wrexham. Some existing sites gave conflicting visual messages, with old signage and different coloured bins and fly tipping was a major issue at the majority of the sites.

In addition Streetscene operatives felt they were fighting an endless battle of fly tipping and mess on a daily basis. High rates of contamination were regularly reported by the collection crews. Local perception of the sites was that they were more of an eyesore than an asset.