Draig Tex - North Wales clothes recylcing consortium

Draig Tex is a new social enterprise founded by a consortium of three not-for-profit organisations within North Wales, Crest Co-operative, Seren Ffestiniog Cyf and Antur Waunfawr. The social enterprises all collect and sort textiles and sell the products in their respective shops. Previously the three enterprises worked with external, national companies to export textiles. Now however they have teamed up and will work together to export the textiles themselves. The aim is to keep the value of textiles and unwanted clothing in Wales to support the work and social values of the social enterprises and therefore benefit Welsh communities.

Sharon Jones is Chief Executive of Crest Co-operative, one of the three partners involved in Draig Tex. She said, “Any charity or social enterprise that collects textiles can now choose a Welsh third sector service that will offer competitive market rates for most of these materials. The aim is to help keep the value of textiles collected in Wales as close to local communities as possible and to reinvest in the Welsh social economy, rather than see wealth leak away into a global market, as often happens now.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from the Wales Co-operative Centre in helping us build the framework we needed to implement this new business approach”.

The Wales Co-operative Centre’s Succession and Consortia Project worked closely with the three partners in Draig Tex to help them to form the consortia and develop the business approach and goverenance for the new organisation.

Draig Tex was nominated for a Social Enteprise Award Wales 2014, in the One to Watch category, in September. You can view their finalist video below.



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