North Wales ICT collaboration

Evaluation of the ESF Local Service Board Development and Priority Delivery Project

This chapter examines the North Wales ICT collaboration delivery project. Data were collected over the period October-December 2013 and included 12 face-to-face interviews with representatives from a range of different organisations including managers of the delivery projects and officers from the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, local councils, and the WLGA. Internal documentation prepared during the management of the delivery project was also consulted. This ESF-LSB delivery project was designed to deliver cost efficiencies through the modernisation and sharing of ICT services in North Wales. The large majority (70%) of the £151,000 funding was spent on employing a project manager who provided the capacity to undertake the detailed implementation work. It was envisaged as being the foundation or enabler to improve other council services as 'savings achieved through the project could be redistributed to other front-line services' (ESF-LSB Project Proposal, 2011).
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