Case study evaluation of the ESF/WLGA north Wales ICT collaborative programme

European Social Fund

The project proposal outlined how the north Wales ICT collaborative work programme was to be enabled and facilitated by a dedicated project manager to overcome the ‘capacity shortage of project management skills and project leadership’ which had been identified as a barrier to the success of collaborative projects generally. Although there was reference in the project proposal to wider public sector organisations, the main focus was on collaboration between the six north Wales local authorities. The assertion in the project proposal was that the financial savings and efficiencies which would be achieved through joint procurement processes and the creation of shared services could be reinvested in front line services, thereby reducing the need for further savings to be made in the future. It was also expected that the collaborative programme of work would lead to the enablement of service improvements, which could be implemented in a variety of areas of public service in turn being seen by members of the public.
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 27/05/2015   Categories: European Social Fund (ESF) WLGA
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