Case study evaluation of the comprehensive collaborative regional waste project

European Social Fund

This project is a continuation of a previous project to procure food waste treatment facilities on behalf of the Central Wales Waste Partnership (CWWP). This project was coming to an end, with a contract having been awarded, and attention had moved onto other waste streams and the project management needs of the CWWP. This project aimed to take forward all activities relating to waste under a single overarching project with robust governance arrangements, to deliver sustainable waste solutions for Ceredigion and Powys, in accordance with the Welsh Government’s policy objectives and operational targets. There were three main areas to the project: 1. The completion the food and green waste (AD) project; 2. The development and procurement of a residual waste treatment project; and 3. The development of other collaborative opportunities for waste services.
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 27/05/2015   Categories: European Social Fund (ESF) WLGA
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