Developing an easy to use website

The Social Services Improvement Agency (SSIA) wanted to find out what people thought about a new website, a one-stop shop for social services in Wales. Barod helped them to find out what members of the public thought. The Social Services Improvement Agency is a bespoke and specialist team dedicated to supporting improvement within the social care system of Wales. Barod is a workers cooperative that grew out of the People First movement in Wales. Their directors and work force are an equal mix of disabled and non-disabled people. They specialise in bridging the gap between public and private sector organisations and people with learning difficulties. Barod attended a meeting that was held to show the beta version of the website. Barod felt that they could help to make the site more accessible so that it better met people’s needs. SSIA were already aware of what services and carers wanted from the site as they had engaged with people from the start. However they also wanted to know what people in Wales who may one day need to use the website would want and were open to new ideas.
 Posted by Good Practice Wales
 18/02/2015   Categories: Wales Audit Office
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