Pembrokeshire County Council - Food Waste Communications Project

Doorknocking, survey and leaflet drop

Pembrokeshire County Council employs a small team of waste advisors who carry out a range of education and awareness activities including door knocking.  Door-knocking activity was planned following surveys of participation and set out rates and was targeted at non-participators and households who present recycling infrequently.  To date awareness raising at the door step has focused on recycling participation and not waste minimisation and has generated an improvement in participation and set out rates.  These campaigns have focused on non-engaging residents and using the results this historically tends to be the lower socio economic households i.e. those in ACORN group 4 and 5.  There was still much to be done to engage with households to improve participation whilst also promoting the waste minimisation message of “Love Food Hate waste”, therefore it was proposed that the Council would utilise the support offered by Waste Awareness Wales to implement a Food Waste Communication Project which had two aims:

  • Food waste prevention
  • Improve participation in food waste recycling

The specific food waste campaign was undertaken in the autumn/winter of 2014-15.


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