City and County of Swansea - Rebranding of the Bulky Waste Collection Service

Bulky waste collections and reuse shop

The City & County of Swansea currently operate a bulky waste collection service which is available to all properties throughout the County. There is fee for using the service currently set at £17 for 1-3 items or £34 for 4-6 items. Residents on a means tested benefit receive the service at no charge.

The Authority also operate a re-use shop at the Baling Plant at Llansamlet where items received at any of the Authority’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC’s) that are suitable for re-use are taken prepared for re-use and sold at competitive prices to the general public. The shop offers for sale furniture, bric-a-brac, and electrical items.

In a bid to boost the amount of furniture/electrical items that could be prepared for re-use and sold at the facility originating from the Bulky Waste Collection Service it was decided, in collaboration with Waste Awareness Wales, to rebrand the service to try to encourage residents to help identify and offer items that were being collected by the service for re-use rather than being dismantled for recycling or sent to landfill. Thus helping the Authority make progressive change in line with the principles of the waste hierarchy, ‘Resource Efficiency’ and Towards Zero Waste, resulting in an increase in the amount and range of materials diverted away from final disposal via landfill.  

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