Advanced and Emergency Care Plan

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An Advanced and Emergency Care Pathway (AECP) is developed when a child is at risk of life threatening deterioration, recording the agreed and most appropriate care in an emergency. Sharing this information between health, social care, police and children's hospices across Wales, will ensure all agencies are aware of the agreed care plan. It is anticipated that when a child dies at home the AECP will aid the decision making process of involved agencies, therefore preventing additional distress to the family. NOTE ON THE AECP ISP: This ISP lists a broad range of information sharing partners across Wales. This is to reflect the specialised nature, and limited number, of specific facilities available to offer this type of care. This range of partners is seen as an exception to the local ISPs that have been developed to date. Please contact your organisation's WASPI ISP Facilitator or the WASPI Service Team with any queries about this ISP.
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 18/09/2015   Categories: WASPI
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