Newport City Council - Participation monitoring and targeted food waste recycling promotion

Identifying low participation and engaging to increase use of the Food Waste recycling service

Source segregated recycling is the recommended method for collection by Welsh Government.
In order to ensure recycling targets are met, we need to focus on non-participating
households, specifically in relation to food waste. For the first time we have come close to
missing the LA’S BMW target, and have lower food waste tonnages than other similar
authority areas (e.g. Bridgend). We need to find out the reasons for this low tonnage, and
identify ways to address these barriers.
We undertook a specific campaign, targeting the non-participating households. No
participation data for the food waste kerbside collections had previously been collected, and it
was essential that our efforts were focussed in areas where they are needed most.
We currently provide a blue box for paper, textiles and small electrical items, a green box for
cans, glass and plastics, a clear bag for plastics and a small and large brown food caddy for
food waste. The bin for garden waste and cardboard was not included in this project.
Project Aims:

  • To undertake participation monitoring to identify non-participants in the food wast collection scheme, and to use this data to target these non-participants.
  • To increase participation in the food waste collection scheme.
  • To identify the main barriers to recycling food waste for Newport residents
  • To ascertain whether door knocking is a valid engagement tool in Newport.
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