Marina Services Systems Thinking Report

City and County of Swansea


Between 20/07/09 – 26/07/09 the Marina monitored all incoming telephone calls with a view to understand if calls were being addressed within the initial call or if further follow up action was required.  The business is extremely weather dependent and throughout this period the weather turned out to be very poor which reflected on the number of calls we received. Questions we hoped to be answered through this process were as follows:-


  • How many incoming calls are made to the business per week
  • What area of the business did calls relate to & what percentage (annual moorings, finance, boatyard, electricity, locks & tides, internal)
  • How many calls were completed or left to follow up
  • How many calls were made to specific staff & if possible why?
  • Could further training reduce the number of follow up calls?
  • Could changes to current processes reduce calls?
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