Islamic Centre Project Focus Group

Cancer affects many people during their lifetime, it is therefore very important that correct information about available screening programmes on offer is provided to allow informed choice. In the light of available wider evidence both at national and international level and considering Public Health Wales aim for a healthier, happier and fairer Wales, we decided to undertake a project work with Muslim Community in Wrexham to establish a sustainable network aiming to share health and screening related information with the community, which could be replicated to other BME community groups across Wales.

The project plan included number of stages such as initial phase of finding and contacting community mediators. The outcome of this stage led to a focus group in which women representing 7 different nationalities participated. Outcome of the focus group led to planning and delivery of community champion training the following month. The training was held in the mosque the outcome of which led to community champions’ commitment to plan 4 events during the coming year to raise awareness of screening programmes within their community.

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 24/02/2016   Categories: Participation Cymru Public Health Wales
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