Scrutinising Changes to Community Services: Guidance for Local Authorities

Pembrokeshire County Council has a dedicated scrutiny committee to address older people’s issues. The role of the Older Persons, Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to review or scrutinise issues and services relevant to health and wellbeing, particularly those relating to older persons1. One example of how the Committee can influence decisions was the recent ‘Learning Pembrokeshire – Managing the Welsh Government Funding Reduction for Adult and Community Learning’ proposal. Committee members expressed concerns regarding how the cabinet decision had been reached without public consultation and without sufficient consideration of how closing down Community Learning Centres will impact on older people and others2. As a result, the cabinet decided to undertake a public consultation exercise to examine the issue further, with a final report to cabinet by November 20153.
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 01/02/2016   Categories: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
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