ABCi Aneurin Bevan Continuous Improvement

(Award 1 - Leadership)

ABCi –Aneurin Bevan Continuous improvement is an embedded Improvement and innovation service based with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. The ethos of the service is to create a culture where improvement and innovation is everyone’s business. The aim of the service is to enable staff employed within ABUHB:

to be curious enough to ask questions about the services that they provide

to be courageous enough to say that services need to change and improve

to be creative by thinking differently about services, through innovation and improvement.

ABCi achieves this by building capacity and capability within the workforce, as an enabler it empowers staff to undertake change themselves with the use of improvement methodologies, team working and leadership skills. ABCi provides improvement training to employees of ABUHB and its partners (without charge) i.e. Care Homes, Local Authority 3rd Sector through Bronze Improving Quality Together (IQT), Silver IQT and an ABCi multi-agency Gold IQT network- supporting and co-producing innovation across organisational boundaries. ABCi provides leadership skills through its Enhanced leadership, Leading People and Leading Quality Improvement Programmes.

ABCi offers expertise relating to improvement and innovation and is commissioned by Divisions, to support the deliverability of the strategic plan for ABUHB. ABCi also supports the workforce with smaller improvement/innovation projects.

ABCi has a collaborative agreement with the department of mathematics in Cardiff University, the 1st  health unit in the UK to incorporate mathematical modelling within an embedded improvement unit. The 4 Phd mathematicians work side by side with the workforce, exploring whole system impact of improvement using data and operational research (OR)techniques. ABCi provides an escalator of knowledge for employees and stakeholders ranging from basic training to a Masters degree in OR.

ABCi has developed a diversity of thinking within ABUHB, developing relationships outside of the public sector and exploring what best in class looks like i.e. Airbus, John Lewis etc, knowledge transfer is core business.

ABCi is clear that improvement and innovation should be shared internally and externally and has a number of formats to be able to achieve this spread: Twitter account, an internet and intranet account and an Improvement Newsletter.

ABCi has an academic credibility with Universities across the globe. ABCi has also developed links with other improvement & innovation centres ensuring that it continues to grow and is at the forefront of improvement and innovation.

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