Penarth Heights Parks Re-development

Due to the recent re-development of the Penarth Heights residential area a significant amount of Section 106, community funding that is attached to the redevelopment, has been made available to invest in community Parks around the new development. The Council was keen to invest the section 106 funding into one park in particular at Paget Road, the plan was to redevelop the park and install a skate park, or a skating area in the park. After initial consultations with residents received negative feedback, the plans have since changed and the section 106 funding will now be split between three parks that are within the allocated distance to the redevelopment. It is now hoped that the funding will be spent to re-develop a skating area in Cogan, to redevelop a Park on Dingle Road and redevelop Plassey Square Park. The redevelopment work will be consulted on as one whole project, this will give residents the opportunity to respond to all redevelopment plans at the same time and feedback both aspects of plans they may be positive and negative about through the same forum.

 Posted by Good Practice Wales
 04/07/2016   Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation
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