E-Advice – Improving GP to speciality communication

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board set out to reduce demand on specialist services and meet the needs of primay care through the provision of secure communication for dialogue between primary and secondary care to obtain specialty ‘advice’ for patient care. A project to test a proof of concept for was undertaken. Starting with one speciality the e-advise service has been rolled out to include another 5 specialities with further roll-out planned following positive feedback from clinicians. A reduction in the number of GP to Outpatient Referrals is anticipated. The service also provides timely answers to clinical questions/advice which can be passed on to the patient if appropriate, improving both GP and patient experience. Additionally it becomes an education tool for primary care clinicians. For further information, please contact: Jo Brooks, (jo.brooks@wales.nhs.uk), Sandra Whitney, (Sandra.whitney@wales.nhs.uk), Gareth Bulpin, (Gareth.bulpin@wales.nhs.uk), Martin Davis, (marton.davis@wales.nhs.uk), Victoria Davies, (Victoria.davies4@wales.nhs.uk), Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.

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 29/03/2017   Categories: Outpatients - Referral / Triage Outpatients Improvement Programme
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