Reduced wait for Occupational Therapy triage

Currently the time children have to wait for an assessment by Occupational Therapy (OT) exceeds the Welsh Government guideline of 14 weeks. An Improving Quality Together (IQT) Project introduced a streamlined central triage process to address this issue. After process mapping the referral process, a centralised sustainable triage process was successfully introduced. Since introduction the number of referrals accepted has decreased by 22% and the number of referrals rejected increased by 47 %. Seeing the improvements encouraged the team to continue to support the project. Continuity when triaging was still a concern as different OTs were triaging referrals inconsistently. A checklist has now been implemented to be used as a point of reference when triaging and decision making; this supports equity of service provision. For further information, please contact: Kate Daniels, Performance Officer, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

 Posted by Good Practice Wales
 29/03/2017   Categories: Outpatients - Referral / Triage Outpatients Improvement Programme
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