Patient Centred Rheumatology Service

In arthritis patients, the longer inflammation continues, the greater the degree of functional impairment. The Directorate was unable to meet NICE Quality standards, in particular starting treatment within 6-8 weeks. Routine patients were waiting beyond 28 weeks. We underwent a three year transformational plan aimed at delivering a high quality integrated patient care. As a result, we have been able to achieve; • Job Planning: Up to 40% improvement in productivity (seeing new rheumatology patients) • Referral-to-treat (RTT) < 12 weeks. This is maintained despite long-term absence of a consultant colleague and another recent vacancy • Priority ultrasound Hands arrangement with Radiology: referrals are scanned within 2 weeks of referrals. • 85% patients with suspected inflammatory arthritis are seen and treated within 6 weeks of referral. • A self injecting Methotrexate programme • A Biologics drugs protocol based on NICE guidance has been implemented For further information, please contact: Dr Syed Ayas, Aneurin Bevan Health Board (

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