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Penarth Heights Parks Re-development 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   04/07/2016 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation
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Due to the recent re-development of the Penarth Heights residential area a significant amount of Section 106, community funding that is attached to the redevelopment, has been made available to invest in community Parks around the new development. The Council was keen to invest the section 106 funding into one park in particular at Paget Road, the plan was to redevelop the park and install a skate park, or a skating area in the park. After initial consultations with residents received negative feedback, the plans have since changed and the section 106 funding will now be split between three parks that are within the allocated distance to the redevelopment. It is now hoped that the funding will be spent to re-develop a skating area in Cogan, to redevelop a Park on Dingle Road and redevelop Plassey Square Park. The redevelopment work will be consulted on as one whole project, this will give residents the opportunity to respond to all redevelopment plans at the same time and feedback both aspects of plans they may be positive and negative about through the same forum.

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Newport City Council - Participation monitoring and targeted food waste recycling promotion 

Identifying low participation and engaging to increase use of the Food Waste recycling service
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Source segregated recycling is the recommended method for collection by Welsh Government.
In order to ensure recycling targets are met, we need to focus on non-participating
households, specifically in relation to food waste. For the first time we have come close to
missing the LA’S BMW target, and have lower food waste tonnages than other similar
authority areas (e.g. Bridgend). We need to find out the reasons for this low tonnage, and
identify ways to address these barriers.
We undertook a specific campaign, targeting the non-participating households. No
participation data for the food waste kerbside collections had previously been collected, and it
was essential that our efforts were focussed in areas where they are needed most.
We currently provide a blue box for paper, textiles and small electrical items, a green box for
cans, glass and plastics, a clear bag for plastics and a small and large brown food caddy for
food waste. The bin for garden waste and cardboard was not included in this project.
Project Aims:

  • To undertake participation monitoring to identify non-participants in the food waste collection scheme, and to use this data to target these non-participants.
  • To increase participation in the food waste collection scheme.
  • To identify the main barriers to recycling food waste for Newport residents
  • To ascertain whether door knocking is a valid engagement tool in Newport.
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Bridgend County Borough Council – tackling contamination in communal recycling bins 

Addressing the contamination issues in Wildmill where communal bins are used with a communications campaign
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Wildmill has Bridgend’s largest area of high density housing and flats with approximately 700 properties of ex council social housing owned by Valleys2Coast. The area is landlocked and unable to be serviced by a kerbside waste collection. The area has 29 communal recycling points at convenient locations to help residents recycle plastics, cans, food waste, paper and glass. Unfortunately, due to the design of the recycling vehicle for estates and its capacity, it is not possible to provide a container to help residents recycle their cardboard.

Bridgend’s waste contractor Kier had been experiencing continual problems at Wildmill where recycling bins were being contaminated by mixed materials, generally cardboard in the paper bin or food waste being disposed of in plastic carrier bags.

There are operational issues when collections crews identify wrong materials present, then the contaminated bins were left unemptied. Kier would then reroute a trade vehicle to empty the bin when that vehicle was available. This was perceived by residents as Kier was ‘not caring’, not wishing to empty the recycling bins or that the bins needed to be serviced more regularly. This also caused a knock on effect for Valleys2Coast as residents would then leave their waste at the communal recycling points when they found that the recycling bins were full, causing a litter problem for their staff. The communal recycling bins at Wildmill are emptied twice a week.

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Ynys Môn Single Integrated Plan (SIP) 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation Wellbeing plans (including SIPs) WLGA
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We have been working on creating a single integrated plan for Ynys Môn since about March 2012. The single integrated plan is now complete and is currently out to consultation until Friday January 18th, 2013. The aim of this Plan is to improve the quality of life of local people and communities by enhancing our economic, social and environmental wellbeing over the next 12 years. The Single Integrated Plan will set out the overarching strategic vision for the Island and how different organisations and partnerships will work together to deliver the identified strategic outcomes.

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Henllan Participatory Budgeting Project 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation WLGA
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Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a ‘process for bringing together local communities to the decision-making process around public budgets. It makes new connections between residents, political representatives and local government officers’. PB can strengthen the community and voluntary sectors, focus on poorer communities, and build social capital by creating forums in which local groups can meet, negotiate and take decisions together and can enhance community cohesion as people come together and feel part of a community. Citizens can gain a better understanding of the complexities of setting budgets and choosing between competing priorities — they can be more responsible by being more aware of the resource constraints on their wishes leading to becoming active citizens not passive customers or consumers.
It is in this context that the case study reflects a PB event in the village of Henllan where the community was tasked with having a devolved budget to decide what play equipment should be provided in the local playing field.

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Isle of Anglesey Single Integrated Plan (‘Our Island – Our Future’) 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation Wellbeing plans (including SIPs) WLGA
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The plan sets out Anglesey’s vision and the work that needs to be done for the future of the Island (2012-2025).

On Anglesey, key partners are represented on the Local Service Board (LSB) and are committed to improving the quality of life on the Island. Creating the Single Integrated Plan has been a joint effort and has involved integrating four key plans (Community Strategy, Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy, Children and Young People’s Plan and the Community Safety Plan). This new streamlined way of working will identify outcomes we want to achieve and will make a positive impact upon the lives of people living on Anglesey.

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Single Integrated Plan: ‘Ceredigion for All 2013-2017’ 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation Wellbeing plans (including SIPs) WLGA
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Ceredigion Local Service Board is consulting on a new Single Integrated Plan for the county and needs views from individuals and organisations to help shape its content.

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Equality Carmarthenshire: working with the community to promote fairness 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Equality Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation WLGA
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The Equality Act 2010 sets out a number of challenges for public organisations in respect of: tackling discrimination; equality of opportunity; and the promotion of good relations between ‘equality groups’. Effective ways of engaging with equality groups need to be established to help ensure public organisations serve all sectors of the community in ways that meet their needs.

A range of representative organisations exist in Carmarthenshire, yet there was no pan-equality ‘umbrella’ grouping. This hindered the ability of groups to work with public sector organisations in setting the equality agenda. It has also made it difficult for public sector organisations when seeking the most appropriate routes for engagement.

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Health Social Care & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee Social Services Charging Task and Finish Group 

Posted by Good Practice Wales   17/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation WLGA
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Caerphilly County Borough Councils’ Health Social Care & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee agreed to set up a task and finish review group to investigate and report on its policy on charging for non-residential social services.
The task and finish group was made up of councillors and co-opted carer group representatives who sit on the scrutiny committee. The terms of reference for the group were to consider the Welsh Governments Social Care Charges (Wales) Measure 2010 and subsequent guidance.

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Engagement work for Social Services ‘Making Things Better’ consultation 

Participation Cymru was approached by the Welsh Government Department for Children and Social Services to assist in engaging with service users and their carers/support workers with the view to inform the consultation ‘Making Things Better: Improving ways we deal with complaints and concerns about social services in Wales’.
Posted by Good Practice Wales   06/11/2014 Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation
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Many Social Services users feel there is a stigma attached to them for being recipients of these services. They do not always realise that they are entitled to a good quality of service and have the right to complain if they are not happy or if they feel they have not been treated fairly. Many people are simply too intimidated by the system to even attempt to complain. Welsh Government is aware of these issues, and aims to improve the complaints process so it is more user-friendly and accessible. Honest feedback from this engagement exercise was crucial for Welsh Government in order to utilise the information collected and incorporate some of it into the new complaints procedure. Participation Cymru carried out the engagement on behalf of Welsh Government, and took upon the role of a trusted intermediary.

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