AWCIC Awards



We are delighted to launch the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community’s (AWCIC) Annual Awards 2017, sponsored by Academi Wales. This is the 3rd AWCIC Awards and following the successful format from 2016, again this is a stand alone event celebrating the important recognition of the hard work being carried out by public service continuous improvement practitioners throughout Wales.

Public service finances continue to set challenges. The work of continuous improvement practitioners provides the support to meet and transform these challenges into opportunities to deliver more citizen focused services. The good work undertaken at organisation, team and individual levels deserve recognition. These awards aim to celebrate success and provide the opportunity to spread good practice across public services; and add further value to the all year round AWCIC programme of work; Learn and Share events, annual conference.

We look forward to hosting the event and celebrating the good work being carried out by public services based in Wales.



This awards scheme has been developed with the overriding aim to share good practice and supports the drive for high quality public services in Wales. The Categories for 2017 are:

Award 1 – Leadership

This award is intended to recognise excellence in leadership, demonstrated by a team or individual. Successful applicants will demonstrate vision, strategic leadership and influence at an organisational-wide level, with specific focus on how their leadership skills have led and delivered successful change. Applications should include examples where leaders have inspired and motivated people, supported creative thinking and new ways of working, constructively challenged the status quo and demonstrated a willingness to take tough decisions.

Award 2 – Public Value

This award is intended to recognise improvement in the design/delivery and value of services to customers, stakeholders and beneficiaries. Nominations will demonstrate how improvement activities have enabled better customer service experience, as well as the consequential impact upon the service provider. Applicants are encouraged to focus upon the importance of engagement and effective communications in managing the change and the role of employee empowerment in gaining organisational buy-in. Top entrants will be judged on implementation success and robustness of sustainability of the change.

Award 3 – Collaboration

This award is designed to recognise excellence in collaborative working to deliver change that spans across departmental/organisational boundaries. Nominations will demonstrate how a joined-up approach has enabled the delivery of cross-cutting priorities and objectives. Entries should focus upon how any barriers have been overcome and the importance of networking and relationships in delivering systemic change. Points will be awarded for evidencing effective working with both partners and customers to improve service delivery.

Award 4 – Innovation

This award will celebrate the achievements of improvement work that has significantly changed the way in which services have been delivered or designed.  It will recognise innovative approaches that have challenged traditional thinking, methods and procedures. Points will be awarded for demonstrating out-of-the-box thinking and a willingness to challenge the status quo to deliver something innovative, different and new.


How to Apply

All applications should be by way of an online submission form which can be accessed below. Each submission include a Case Study Title and an Executive Summary/ Abstract of not more than 400 words, in plain English and in a suitable style for promotional purposes, as part of any initial promotional/case-study work. The deadline for applications is 17:00 on Friday 27th January 2017.

Please note that as entries will be initially judged by the community online so anything to long-winded should be avoided so a short impactful submission would be favourable. You will also be able to attach relevant supporting documents to enhance your application but these will only be used after the online exercise for those who are shortlisted.


Judging Process

Firstly, an online voting exercise will be undertaken on the submission form only to enable the whole of the community to rate the entries.  

Secondly, the judges will review the online voting and may visit/contact the agreed shortlisted applicants to discuss their application further. The judges will meet in February 2017 to discuss the shortlisted entries and will be looking to clarify and seek additional information to identify an overall winner of the category. For the shortlisted there may be an opportunity for them to submit a short film and design a poster as a brief overview of their work.

The winners will be announced at the All Wales Community of Practice Community Awards Ceremony later on in the year.


Submission Forms




For full information regards the awards and the process please download the guidance document which can be found clicking here.

To view the current submissions for the online voting please click here and to help with the voting a scoring guide can be found here. 

* To view details for the 2017 ceremony, please click here.