AWCIC National Conference 2014



Awards recognise continuous improvement within Welsh public services


The winners were announced at our All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Conference on the 12th November for our awards scheme designed to recognise and celebrate the search for continuous improvement across public services in Wales.


With 19 applications received, 11 organisations were eventually shortlisted, and a winner announced for four separate categories designed to recognise significant achievement in change management, delivering results, collaborative working and innovation. 


The inaugural awards form a new element of our work to promote shared learning across the Welsh public sector, and are seen as an invaluable way of highlighting how public services can be delivered differently and more effectively for communities in Wales.

Speaking at the awards, Huw Jakeway, Chief Fire Officer, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said:


Huw Jakeway speaking at the AWCIC 2014 conference

“With many of Wales’ public services battling the twin pressures of increased public demand alongside significantly reduced financial resources, the drive to develop better, new and innovative ways of delivering public services is more urgent than ever before.


“These awards have been launched to capture, celebrate and promote the wealth of good practice that exists across Wales’ public sector organisations, and the real legacy of today’s awards ceremony will be defined by how well these impressive good practice examples are applied across public services in Wales as a whole.


“It is imperative that we seek to reshape public services, in partnership with our communities and service users, so that they can not only stand the test of the current economic climate but also the significant demands that are expected to be placed on them in the future. 

Events like today’s conference and inaugural awards ceremony provide a vital learning opportunity that will help challenge Wales’ public sector to deliver public services in different, better and smarter ways for the benefit of people in Wales.”