Blog is short for ‘web log’. Blogs can be online diaries, but more often they contain posts on specific topics. Blogs can also be interactive, which allows visitors to leave comments on what you’ve written about.

Blogging is a great opportunity to engage with your organisation’s stakeholders. It gives you the chance to talk to people in an informal way and to give others the chance to give you feedback about what you’re doing.

It also gives you the opportunity to reflect on the work you are doing and to draw learning from it. As a counterpoint to that, blogging can also lead to you looking at lots of other blogs and learning from them.

Useful Resources

Good Practice

  • Ace Digital Comms
    This is a blog by Helen Reynolds, who works in digital engagement in local government. The blog focuses on “moving communication from broadcast to conversation using social media and other digital tools”.
  • Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office
    The Good Practice Exchange exists to share knowledge and good practice to support the Welsh public sector to deliver better services. The blog shares different approaches to topics high on the public sector agenda. It also shares valuable learning points gathered during the course of their work.
  • Localopolis
    Dave Mckenna works in local government scrutiny, and his blog aims to share 101 different ways of doing local democracy. This post about using social media to scrutinise local government is a great example.
  • Participation Cymru
    Participation Cymru works with public service organisations in the public, private and third sectors to achieve better public engagement in the design, development and delivery of citizen-centred services for the people of Wales. Their blog shares resources from their advice and support, training and networking.
  • Powys Mental Health Blog
    This blog is by the Powys Agency for Mental Health team, who work for Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations. Again, it’s a really interesting personal take on work that’s taking place. There’s a variety of contributors, which include 3 staff members, as well as service users who contribute their own experiences.
  • What’s the Pont
    This blog is about learning and sharing knowledge in order to improve public services. It’s a great example of how effective blogging can be – it’s personal, humorous and filled with useful information