Leaving Care Team Participation group

This project was based around a consultation exercise that was being carried out with young care leavers through the form of a residential trip.

The issues addressed were fairly basic, with this event being mainly to introduce some of our young people to the service in general. As such we wanted to garner information about general feelings about being in care, staff relationships etc.

We organised a two night stay at the Llangrannog outdoor centre, where all participants could take part in various activities during the day time, such as horse riding, skiing, climbing, go-karting etc. The evenings were then kept clear of activities so that we could run the consultation sessions. This setting was perfect as it took our participants out of their normal home environment and away from distractions. The trip and activities were also a great inducement for participation.

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 06/11/2014   Categories: Participation Cymru Public engagement and consultation
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