‘See on Symptom’ follow up podiatry; Doing today's work today

Historically Podiatry has used a system of providing patients their next appointment at the time of treatment resulting in clinics being booked up to 3 months in advance, a reduction in flexibility of available appointments to meet unexpected or acute patient need. It has also impacted on patients – more limited access to appointment flexibility and impacted on staff – pressure to meet demand. In addition there have been high ‘did not attend’ (DNA) and ‘could not attend’ (CNA) rates resulting in waste of clinical time and resources. A pilot was undertaken at a small clinic to test using ‘see on symptom’ concept for follow up appointments. This enabled patients to make the decision when their next appointment was needed. A number of positive effects were achieved: • A significant reduction in number of patients who DNA • Improved patient and staff satisfaction • Reduction in caseload • Compliance with Prudent Principles For further information please contact: Phillippa George, (retired) Specialist Podiatrist; Joanne Pike, Locality Lead Podiatrist, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board joanne.pike@wales.nhs.uk

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 29/03/2017   Categories: Outpatients - - Improvement Compendium Outpatients - Ongoing Care / Self Management
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