Self Management Group via Skype

Following consultation with participants it was identified that people declined attendance at face to face groups owing to limitations by symptoms, logistics of travel or difficulty taking time off work. This information coupled with a need to ensure prudent delivery of services within the rural environment of Powys, led to a benchmarking exercise of services nationally and internationally who use Online platforms to deliver intervention. Subsequently the Online Self Management Programmes for Long Term Conditions was developed. Prior to the programme, people had to wait until a programme was run in their area or have to travel significant distances. It can also be a challenge to get enough people with the same condition wanting the same programme in a particular location at a particular time. Offering courses to the whole population at the same time will increase the scale on which groups can be run and therefore improve their sustainability. For further information, please contact: Clare Clark, Bronllys Pain Management, Powys Teaching Health Board []

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 29/03/2017   Categories: Outpatients - - Improvement Compendium Outpatients - Ongoing Care / Self Management
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