Introduction to the Compendium

Outpatient services are often the first point of contact for many of us when we need specialist care. Indeed, there were almost three million appointments in 2016 and demand continues to rise.

In response to the challenges faced by the NHS in Wales, the service has responded and there is now a considerable amount of work underway to improve outpatient services. These efforts have resulted in improvements in some waiting times across Wales.

We have made a good start - now we need to spread the improvements that have been achieved so far. This compendium showcases some of the work that has made improvements to local outpatient services in Wales.

All of the work included in the Compendium, has been undertaken by the NHS in Wales; 1000 Lives Improvement Outpatient Programme has been instrumental in the production of this online tool.  

If you have work you would like to showcase contact us.                                                                              

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