Data Unit Wales – making effective use of data

The Data Unit was established in 2001 as a public sector, not-for-profit company in order to provide advice, guidance and support to local government in Wales around data and statistical issues.

The data and its use are central to our business. We hold a wide range of data and have access to even more! If it’s data you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

We play a central role in ensuring that data meets the needs of our ‘core’ audience by representing the views of local government in Wales around issues such as the Census, and population and migration data.

We exist to help organisations use data effectively to improve the services they provide to their customers.

We aim to support improvements in services by collecting, processing, interpreting, analysing and disseminating data effectively. We are involved in a range of projects which draw on our data expertise.

We also provide a range of specialist services designed to help turn data into meaningful information and intelligence.

If you think we can help you use data more effectively please call 029 2090 9500 or email


Other Data Unit resources you might find useful…

Comparable authorities model

Comparing one authority against another is important to help understand service delivery and policy development. Deciding which authorities you should compare with is more difficult.

Our comparable authorities model allows you to work out which authorities you should be using for comparison by allowing you to choose one or more variables. You can compare with Welsh authorities only. Please visit our website for further information and to start the model.


MyLocalCouncil is a tool designed to bring performance data to the public. It offers users the chance to see how their council is performing compared to other councils across Wales.


We make a wide range of data available via InfoBaseCymru - a national information system based on our InfoBase system. It provides easy access to information for Wales, and allows you to view data in maps and tables.

Where’s my postcode?

Enter your postcode to see details about your local area including your local authority, police authority and health board. From here you can find data about your local area.

How deprived is your area?

Enter your postcode into our interactive tool to find out how deprived your area is according to the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) 2014.

Benchmarking Wales

Benchmarking Wales is our repository for local authority service improvement data.

It is designed to enable the sharing of operational data relating to the delivery of local authority services. As such, access to the site is limited to local government officials and regulators working to support service improvement across Wales.

Please contact for more information.