**Nid yw’r safle we hwn yn cael eu diweddaru rhagor oherwydd mae’r rhaglen gyfredol Law yn Llaw at Blant a phobl ifanc (T4CYP) wedi gorffen. Byddem ni’n gweithio a’r tudalennau we newydd yn ystod 2020, ar ôl i’r cyllid cael ei chadarnhau ar gyfer y rhaglen newydd T4CYP(2).**
**This website is no longer updated, as the current Together for Children and Young People (T4CYP) Programme has ended. We will be working on new, bilingual website pages in 2020, once funding has been agreed for a refocussed T4CYP (2) Programme.**


About the Programme

T4CYP was launched by the Minister for Health and Social Care at a stakeholder event at the end of February 2015.  Led by the NHS in Wales, this multi-agency service improvement programme is working at pace to reshape, remodel and refocus the emotional and mental health services provided for children and young people in Wales, in line with the principles of prudent health and care. T4CYP is based on a human rights approach and is committed to embedding the 7 Core Aims for children and young people under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


The Windscreen Model

T4CYP is using the Windscreen Model to inform its thinking, which shows how a wide range of services provide a continuum of support for children and families. These services are provided by a wide range of statutory and third sector organisations and so working in partnership to get the balance right between these is central to successfully delivering T4CYP.

Work Streams

A high level, multi-agency Programme Board has been established to oversee T4CYP, with work streams to undertake detailed work across the full scope of the windscreen. They are looking at the full range of support that children and families require.

For more information about the work streams and resources produced, please contact us through the website.

T4CYP is focusing on implementing service change and improvement at pace. Specific areas of work will include:

  • Early Help and Enhanced Support: to consider proposals for best practice and service development to deliver targeted support and interventions to those most at risk of developing emotional and mental health problems or showing early signs of mental disorders.
  • Universal support: This work stream is now being delivered by Welsh Government as part of the ‘Whole School Approach’.
  • Neurodevelopment: to consider how best, and who is best placed, to meet the needs of those with neurodevelopmental and learning disabilities in a timely and effective manner.
  • Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS): starting with a baseline variations audit of provision of sCAMHS, this work stream will develop a delivery and quality framework based on achieving consistent outcomes across Wales. 
  • Workforce, Education and Training: to consider the staffing and training needs across, education, health, social services and third sector partners to deliver effective models of care and good practice.
  • Care Transitions: to consider all aspects of the transition of children and young people between services. This will include the transition from adolescent to adult mental health services, early years transitions and the transfers between health and youth justice services.
  • Engagement with Children and Young People: Children and young people are being given the opportunity to develop and shape the future delivery of emotional and mental health services through broad roots engagement that captures the well being of all children and not just those who use Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). This includes working closely with Children in Wales, the Children’s Commissioner’s office, and the third sector ‘High Needs Collaborative’