**Nid yw’r safle we hwn yn cael eu diweddaru rhagor oherwydd mae’r rhaglen gyfredol Law yn Llaw at Blant a phobl ifanc (T4CYP) wedi gorffen. Byddem ni’n gweithio a’r tudalennau we newydd yn ystod 2020, ar ôl i’r cyllid cael ei chadarnhau ar gyfer y rhaglen newydd T4CYP(2).**

**This website is no longer updated, as the current Together for Children and Young People (T4CYP) Programme has ended. We will be working on new, bilingual website pages in 2020, once funding has been agreed for a refocussed T4CYP (2) Programme.**


Who are we

'Meet the team of professionals who are involved in making changes to the lives of Children and Young People in Wales’

  • Professor Anita Thapar FRCPsych, PhD, FMedSci
  • Councillor Huw David
  • Jonathan Drake, Assistant Chief Constable, South Wales Police
  • Ruth Conway, Deputy Director Support for Learners Division, Welsh Government
  • Mair Elliot
  • Mike Shooter, Chair of Play Wales and Trustee of Children-in-Wales
  • Professor Ian Jones, Director of National Centre for Mental Health and Professor of Psychiatry at Cardiff University
  • Dr Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales
  • Dame Professor Sue Bailey, Chair of Children and Young People’s Coalition and Welsh Government advisor to T4CYP
  • Carol Shillabeer, Chief Executive of Powys Teaching Health Board
  • Deb Austin, Programme Manager, T4CYP
  • Professor Ann John MRCGP, FFPH, MD