Useful links

Public sector organisations across the UK have developed on-line domains for the sharing of knowledge to support improvement in services to citizens and communities through the capture, sharing and transfer of knowledge and learning.

These Useful Links direct you to public sector agencies from across the UK, to realise common objectives which are:

  • to support improvement in public services through knowledge transfer
  • to have better informed, more knowledgeable service providers and service users which in turn will facilitate better value and more efficient and more effective services for the citizens
  • to change behaviours by helping people move from a position of ‘knowing one way of doing something’ to ‘knowing better ways of doing the same thing’, and implementing those ‘better ways’.
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence)
  • Code for Europe
  • Digital by Default News
  • Go ON UK
  • Improvement Network
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Law Wales
  • Local Government Association – Case Studies
  • Local Government Information Unit (LGiU)
  • nef
  • NHS Informatics Service (NWIS)
  • The Guardian Best Practice Exchange from the Public Leaders Network
  • The Institute of Cultural Capital
  • Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC)
  • Wales Migration Portal
  • Wales Public Services 2025 programme
  • Wired-GOV
  • Youth Voice Journal